Unity 3D Kit Level Design by Polysprite

Unity 3D Kit Explorer levels by Polysprite. There are six levels in total. This version of the game was built so you can choose which level you want to enter first. The unity kit is well built with great looking assets. We enjoyed using nested prefabs for many parts of this game in the new version of Unity. This build is for PC only. We tested with the HP Z820 16 core Xeon, Nvidia Quadro K5000, and the Microsoft Xbox One controller. Music in the game can be found at Free Music Archive. 

Planet_000StromlinieDark Lights Part 2
Planet_001AnimaOverlooking Eternity
Planet_002Flex VectorThe Beat Goes On
Planet_004Frau HolleAccretion Disc Quasar
Planet_005FoniqzSpectrum Subdiffusion Mix
Planet_006ArfusChief Flex

Additional tools and assets

Star Creation Tools for Unity!/content/80595

GalaxyBox 1.0
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Space Shooter Asteroids

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